RecycleMTA Official Video

We are proud to release the RecycleMTA project video. Enjoy!

Coming soon…

Coming soon is the the RecycleMTA video with clips from all stages of the project.

The video will feature the song “Little One” performed by District Somnium. The song based on the earth’s environmental decline which was inspired by classes taken at Parson’s MFA D+T program. The classes brought a certain perception of the earth’s current environmental statusĀ  to the attention of the students and so came “Little One” on the band’s new album. It was written in the point of view of an elder talking to and warning a younger audience that the environment is in an unstable condition.

Lyrics for the tune can be found at this link.

Shipping the Package

These are the pictures taken during the shipment of our project to the MTA’s President of Operations.

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Posting the Posters

Here pictures of our posters posted around subway stops in Manhattan.

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Collecting Cards

Here are pictures of the RecycleMTA team collecting cards from pedestrians.

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MTA Poster

Look for this poster around Union Square on Oct. 1st

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